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Friday, 10 April 2020

D Discover

Northern Lakeshore

Missions, Beaches and Baobabs

Missions, Beaches and Baobabs Imagine a Gothic cathedral on a tiny island in a tropical sea. St Peter, holding the keys to the Gates of Heaven, gazes across the rocky shoreline edged with indigo and ultramarine, to the mountains of Mozambique. The biblical rooster at his feet looks remarkably African. This is Likoma Island, a patch of Malawi in Mozambican waters, since the Island was the headquarters of the Universities Mission (Anglican) in the late 1890’s.Chosen as protection from constantly warring tribes, a rocky castle with a natural moat.

Boats will ferry you round the island, across to Mozambique, or to the smaller island of Chizumulu. A visit to Likoma, on the ubiquitous m.v. Ilala or by private air charter, is unlike any experience anywhere else. Here the heart slows to a different rhythm. Home to Usisya, location of the deepest point (704 Metres) on Lake Malawi.

Places of interest include; Kande Horses, Karonga Museum – home of Malawisaurus.

Activities in the Northern Lake Shore include ;- snorkeling, wind gliding, kayaking, diving, fishing, boat trips, bird-watching, mountain biking and equestrian sport/horse riding. Other places of interest include Aquanuts Divers, who in association with the local fishermen and other local organisations conduct research and monitoring programmes on Lake Malawi under the Lake Malawi Research Centre (MARU).