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Friday, 10 April 2020

D Discover

Forest Reserves

Ntchisi Forest Reserve

An untouched paradise, entirely undiscovered by mass tourism.Bird life is prolific and is an excellent destination for the professional or amateur bird watchers. Some mammals, butterflies, and strange and unknown plants and orchids are also plentiful. The Forest Reserve contains some of the last remaining indigenous rainforest in Malawi. Some trees tower thirty metres overhead while lianas and strangler figs compete for the sunlight.It is excellent hiking and mountain biking territory

Thuma Forest Reserve

Filled with Miombo woodland and striking variety of plants and indigenous trees, elephants buffaloes, bush buck, leopard, spotted hyena and primates roam the reserve.

Dzalanyama Forest Reserve

 This favourite for ornithologists where rare species like the olive-headed weaver, Miombo pied barbet, Boulder Chat, White Tailed Flycatcher, Black Eared Seedeater, Stierling’s Woodpecker is great for bird watching. The variety of flora is interesting and includes some wonderful ferns and epiphytic orchids